Not all mouseEvents supported in Flash 2?

from the actionscript language reference in mx2004:


Flash 2. Not all events are supported in Flash 2.

on(mouseEvent) {
// your statements here

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Flash 2. Not all events are supported in Flash 2.[/COLOR] <---- !!! which ones aren’t supported? i couldn’t find this in the AS2 docs anywhere.

and would this mean the same thing for this usage?
target.onMouseEvent = function(){

FLASH 2, not ActionScript 2. Flash is on version 7 now (MX2004). Before 7, there was 6 (MX). Before 6, there was 5. Before that, 4 and before 4 was 3, 2, and 1. Flash 2 started the whole on(event) craze :crazy: though, they werent swift enough to pick up on all the events that would be added later… like in Flash 3.

In your case, working in Flash 7, you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about :pleased:


and thank you

sorry but lol @ v2.0

yeah, i was brain frazzled. thanks senocular for the splash of cold water to wake me up.

it happens :slight_smile: