Not Looking For Code - Just opinion: how would you approach this?

So I have an upcoming project and I’d like some expert opinion on the best way to handle the coding/variable handling, hopefully minimizing me doing this a couple times, the wrong way. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • User needs to be able to enter 6 things about themselves (name, age, etc.) These need to be stored as variables.

  • The Variables then need to be displayed inside a story of sorts (basically a slideshow). So for example the first slide would say “Hello JOHN. I see you are 39 YEARS OLD and live in NEW JERSEY.” Subsequent slides would also be able to access this info as well and sprinkle this info throughout the story.

  • Different Sections of the story would be accessible depending on your answers up front. For example, a 32 year old woman will be shown a slightly different story than a 32 year old man.

  • We would like to have a PDF file viewable from within Flash, not open externally.

and finally,

  • (to me, the hardest part) The information entered should have an option to SAVE to disk, so that the next time the show is launched, users will see their saved profile is now available for viewing, or they can create a new profile. Clicking on their name will load their previously saved data, and their story will auto-populate with their info. I need to be able to save multiple profiles.

So, any thoughts on how best to handle any of these tasks?

I am thinking I would need to maybe create each slide as its own swf, then have an xml file that loads certain slides depending on the choices? I have no idea how to save the user data and reload it, especially multiple user’s worth.

Any help would be appreciated!
(oh, and if you DID have any great code snippets that would prove useful for any of these tasks, feel free to let me know)