Not so expensive work available

I’ll give it a shot. :cons:

I’m intermediate in Macromedia Flash, I am also very skilled with HTML, XHTML, and a bit of PHP.

My highpiont would be intensive Adobe Photoshop graphics and beautiful color schemes. I have been working with Photoshop for a year and a half now and growing in knowledge everyday.

I don’t have many websites under my belt except ones I’ve designed for myself and a couple for close friends. I will be featuring more sites soon enough if I get any work.

You can see my latest work for myself [(here). This site is design to be very simple and information based, also featuring a breath taking color scheme. You can hear the members comments about this site URL=](

I do forum themes/skins very well, for an example of a forum skin I have designed go (here).

As for a rate of pay, giving that I don’t have a big resume to show you, I would have to say around 15 dollars an hour.

If you are interested in hiring me for a project please PM me. I am barely ever on my AIM or YIM Ids so if you need to contact me through a chat service will have to set something up in a PM.

-Datapimp :mu:

Nice design, I really love the structure of the site. If I wasn’t a designer looking for work also I’d pay you to design a site for me. Also your site just gave me inspiration for an online resume.

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