Not sure what to do...maybe 'onClipEvent'? help

Not sure what to do…maybe ‘onClipEvent’?? help.


i am going to do my best to explain this.

i have 2 types of movie clip buttons in this flash file. the top level navigation buttons (selected works, resume, contact) and a subnavigation movie clip button which is under the selected works section in an external flash file called ‘sw-mc.swf’. the subnavigation button which appears has 8 duplicate instances of the same button and each have an instance name attached to it (button1, button2, button3, etc.). this subnavigation button is a movie clip with the button within the movie clip…make sense? (movie clip button)…there is the functions for the mouseover, on release, etc. within the movie clip. what i am trying to do is for each duplicate of this button on the main timeline…which is a movie clip…assign a function to each separate button…to do a loadMovie. make sense? i don’t want to have to copy the movie clip button in the .fla file…and have 8 or more different symbols that i am pretty sure i can do with only one. i think my solution has something to do with putting an ‘onClipEvent’ on each button instance on the main timeline…but, i’m not sure how to do that exactly.

this is what i have for the main timeline:

function resetButtons() {
	for (j=1; j<9; j++) {

this is what is inside of the movie clip button:

on (release) {

on (rollOut) {

and this is what i have been trying and is not working on the main timeline…on the movieclip button instance…(button1):

onClipEvent (mouseUp) {
 this._parent.blankMC-sw.loadMovie("testMC.swf", button1, 'blankMC-sw');

please help…someone.