Nothing to display on output window!

hi, i just wonder how come there’s nothing to be displayed on output window? i’m using the key object function to test what’ll come out for the output:

myListener=new Object ();
myListener.onKeyDown = function () {
trace(“key pressed”);
myListener.onKeyUp = function () {
trace("key released);


You forgot to close the quote on “key released”, that might be the problem.

oh, that was just a typo here but not with my flash work. It seems that whatever effects (besides the key pressed, I’ve also tested it with displaying the content loaded onto the textfield, mouse movement position, etc) i’m doing, the output window still has nothing to display at all!!

you have any ideas of what the problem is? :frowning:

No clue, I just copied and pasted your code into Flash, fixed the quote thing, and it worked fine for me.