Novice drowning in the deep end

OK, so i began sifting through the tutorials on the site and found the one on faces and depths in the 3D section

From my understanding the actionscript creates the cube inside a movie clip, is there a way to turn each face of the cube in to a link/button to the next scene? if so how would it be done?

When i rename face0, face1,face2 etc the cube messes up, is it not possible to change

    cubeAxisRotations.y = cubeAxisRotations.y - this._xmouse / 2800;
    cubeAxisRotations.x = cubeAxisRotations.x + this._ymouse / 2800;
    var pts2D = Transform3DPointsTo2DPoints(pointsArray, cubeAxisRotations);
    this.face0.draw(pts2D[0], pts2D[3], pts2D[2], pts2D[1]);
    this.face1.draw(pts2D[4], pts2D[5], pts2D[6], pts2D[7]);
    this.face2.draw(pts2D[0], pts2D[4], pts2D[7], pts2D[3]);
    this.face3.draw(pts2D[3], pts2D[7], pts2D[6], pts2D[2]);
    this.face4.draw(pts2D[2], pts2D[6], pts2D[5], pts2D[1]);
    this.face5.draw(pts2D[1], pts2D[5], pts2D[4], pts2D[0]);