Object Model

hi peeps,

has anybody come across a map/poster of flash’s Object Model? this would come in handy (especially for the components) since i still dont know most of the properties and methods attached to objects

just wondering

That would be a good idea. I’ve never seen a complete one though.

Can you explain what is a map/poster of flash’s object model to a poor french please?

it would be a chart showing the various properties/methods of each object and inheritance. for example, all objects inherit from the Object object. these exist of other object libraries. it would be useful, but as far as the inheritance aspect, i dont think it would be any more complex than Object being at the top and all other types inheriting from it.

saw a pretty good one once (built in flash) at [proto]type. but it seems they site is down now.

OK, so basically a POO tute… Did you try Robin Debreuil’s? Very interesting.

pom :asian:

not a tut so much as a chart. it is really useful in large object libraries where you have a lot of inherited properties and methods. if you can see that x is a subclass of y, then you can use y’s methods in an instance of x.

OK, but as you said, Flash’s chart is pretty **** simple.

Btw, does the Object class have any method in its prototype? (I think I remember it has a few, but not many)

pom :q:

toString() is the only one i can think of off hand. valueOf() maybe?

I can see you’ve been reading that Brendan Hall/Sam Wan book :stuck_out_tongue: I think I’ll buy it too… [SIZE=1]just to say I have it, you know…[/SIZE]

yo bit-101, i recpgnize you from were-here. nice to have someone who knows quite a lot around.

ran across this today…


:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Nice link. I don’t know who will use that, but I’m putting it in the BOK.