Object to move on rollover and rollout! Please HELP!

Hi, I’m having a really hard problem figuring this one out but it’s probably a really simple fix for some of you so are looking for a bit of advice.

I want to have a few menu buttons on my web page (home, about, contact etc.) and above them a bar (we’ll call it ‘grey bar’ to make it a little easier to understand). When you roll over one of the buttons I want a small ‘orange bar’ to run along the ‘grey bar’ and stay over the button that you are hovering over. Then if you choose to rollout of the button the ‘orange bar’ will return to the page destination button that you’re on. For example, if you are on the homepage the ‘orange bar’ begins over the ‘home’ button, then if you rollover ‘about us’ the ‘orange bar’ moves along the grey bar horizonatally to stay above ‘about us’, if you rollout it returns to ‘home’.

Sorry if this isn’t making much sense, i’ve attached the flash file so you can see what i am working with. I am just looking for a tutorial or some actionscript that will make it work. It’s driving me crazy, I don’t know if i should be looking to use a startDrag function (but i don’t think you can use this with a rollover function) or a way to get the bar to follow the mouse.

Please help.