Obtaining a variable from a dynamic text field?!

hey everybody!

i’ve got another problem. lol.

I have stored a value in a dynamic text field which has the instance name ‘myPictureVar’ and variable name ‘desc’

so from this i get a dynamic text box with a value ‘nopic.jpg’ (pulled from a database which works fine!). This must mean that ‘nopic.jpg’ is stored in the variable ‘desc’

what i want is to take the value in ‘desc’ and append it to another variable called $path = “http://www.failsworthschool.co.uk/Failsworth/files/

so ive gone about it by doing this??

$imagename = myPictureVar.desc;
$picture =$path+$imagename;

so then the variable $picture will have the full path to the file??? but no it doesnt work, comes back with


I think my problem is with finding where the actual value ‘desc’ is, so i can use it???

im bamboozled!lol :wasted: