Offshore Outsourcing Software In India

[COLOR=black]The foremost priority for any Outsourcing company is to set an offshore center which has the best of technology and talented manpower to execute software development. In this context, [/COLOR][COLOR=black]India[/COLOR][COLOR=black] has established its hold on Offshore Software Outsourcing along with [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Russia[/COLOR][COLOR=black] and [/COLOR][COLOR=black]China[/COLOR][COLOR=black]. But she has countries like [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Philippines[/COLOR][COLOR=black] eyeing for competition in offshore outsourcing. It is proposed that the competition is due to rise in English speaking community in [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Philippines[/COLOR][COLOR=black]. What can be the other reasons for stringent competition and how can [/COLOR][COLOR=black]India[/COLOR][COLOR=black] reach the number one slot in Offshore Software Development? [/COLOR]