Ok, last question. hehehe

I have this background image right, and i have a cursor in it.
(horizontal and vertical lines)

How do i make it so when the user roles over this particular background the cursor shows up within that background. And when the user rolls off that particular background the cursor dissappears?

At the moment i have the background image. And i have the cursor as a new symbol and i just dragged it onto the stage from the library… But i just dont know how to do the above!

can someone help please! :slight_smile:

Do you have any buttons on the stage at this point that need to be used?

If not it’s easy. If you do, then it will take a little more work around.

Nah i dont have any buttons…

Everything is a graphic and a movieclip…

So what do i have to do?

Well then it’s pretty easy. Click on the picture, and hit F8. Make it a button and give it a library reference name

Remember also that the cursor movie clip (or clips) must have instance names. For the example here I’ve used “myCursorMC” as the instance name.

this script goes on the button you created.


if you had the cursor as two separate movie clips then you’d do something like


Note… if you don’t want them to show up when the movie loads, then the cursor clips themselves would have to have this script on them.


Hey Upuate8,

I entered that code into my image that i converted into button. I placed the cursor from the Library palette onto the stage. But when i entered the code:


It says:
“The actions on the clipboard contain an error. Actions with errors cannot be pasted into normal modes”

And then this came up:
Clipboard Actions: Line 4: Invalid mouse event specified.

Clipboard Actions: Line 5: Statement must appear within on handler

Clipboard Actions: Line 6: Unexpected ‘}’ encountered

What did i do wrong? I gave my cursor an instance and all the other things you said to do but i obviously did something wrong, but i dont know where? :frowning:

What do you think?



it’s rollOut and rollOn



Man it’s not working still for some reason?

Do you think you could import an image, create the cursor and how it fades in/out when the user puts thier mouse over it and send it to me? If thats not too much trouble… im probably asking for too much but… :frowning:


no that’s fine.

I need an email. It’s done. Just send me a note at [email protected], if you don’t want to reveal your email on the board.

Thanks heaps hey :slight_smile:
Here’s my e-mail addy…

[email protected]

I’ll e-mail you as well just incase…


Just sent it. :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps man…
Yours works good but mine is still a bit off… haha
For some reason it’s still not working but i’ll figure it out…

Thanks for all your help hey! :slight_smile:


Ill bet it has to do with your movie clips. The lines, did you select both of them and turn them both into a movie clip so that you could reuse it?

If so, the addressing in the button needs to be altered slightly.

Why not send yours to me, I’ll see what I can figure out about it.

Oh man you read my mind hey…
I was just coming back here to see if you could have a look at where im going wrong…

It’s annoying this crap out of me… I’ll send you the testcursor and tell me what you think?

Thanks heaps man hey…