Okay, time2design ready for your first freehand question?

I thought it was nice that you offered help with freehand as I have a question.

I am using freehand 9 on a pc pIII 750 with 384megs of ram. we are a landscape architecture office and produce large format sheet. we have a problem when printing to are large format printer in that sometimes we get a “data was lost” error but the print file made is small. by the way if you want know we are using an hp 750c plus e size printer maxed out at 75 megs of ram.

Do you know of a cheep ripping software, I think that will help.

Thanks if you can help and well thank if you can’t too.


ps welcome aboard!


Now that’s not really fair, that’s a printing problem, not a Freehand question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to make sure:

Is the error coming from software (either Freehand or the printing software) or the printer itself?

How is the printer connected to the connected to the computer? SCSI, USB, ethernet?

How big is the file approximately in both data (e.g. 32MB) and size (e.g. 11 x 17).

I think “ripping software” and “expensive” are synonomous unfortunately.

Thanks for the welcome.