Oldnewbie, can't get your fade in/out concept working?

This concept of oldnewbie I found on flashkit

I am trying to get this working

  • use 2 container clips on top of each other.
    The first picture is loaded in the top container mc,
    and the next pictures allways in the container below,
  • as the top one fades out,
    you have the bottom one fade in.
  • Once the fades are over, use swapdepths to switch
    the bottom container as the top container, and load in the next picture,
    in the bottom container.

the code I have so for is

//loop thru our array and fade in/out
navSuite = ["nav1A", "nav1B", "nav1C"];
for (i=0; i<=navSuite.length;i++ ) {
	holderA_mc.attachMovie(navSuite*, ["part"+i], 1);
	holderB_mc.attachMovie(navSuite[i+1], ["part"+i], 2);
holderA_mc.attachMovie(navSuite[0], ["part"+0], 0);
holderB_mc.attachMovie(navSuite[1], ["part"+1], 1);
if (holderA_mc._alpha<10) {
	holderA_mc.attachMovie(navSuite[2], ["part"+2], 1);
MovieClip.prototype.fade = function(clip, speed, fadeVar, intervalName) {
	clip.onEnterFrame = function() {
		if (fadeVar == "out") {
			this._alpha -= speed;
			if (this._alpha<=0) {
				this._alpha = 0;
				//trace(intervalName+" cleared");
		if (fadeVar == "in") {
			this._alpha += speed;
			if (this._alpha>=95) {
				this._alpha = 100;
				//trace(intervalName+" cleared");
_root["linesInterval"] = setInterval(fade, 2000, holderA_mc, 10, "out", "linesInterval");
_root["linesInterval"] = setInterval(fade, 2000, holderB_mc, 10, "in", "linesInterval");

But I can’t load in the next photo

Any suggestions??