OMG I'm hopeless (loadMovie) plz help

Allright…this is driving me nuts !!

I am stuck with my full flash site… I have this sliding menu ( an MC called “sidemenu” ) it was a pain to get it to slide back and forth using buttons but I finally figured it out.

Now the problem is… I want to have buttons on this side menu that will in turns load movies on top of my base movie… ( in this example, there’s only one button set to load a file called “bio.swf” into an MC called “stash”)

I’ve used both the loading in levels and in containers method…but none of them work…

So I have only one choice… I would like one of you to take a look at my source code and try to see where the problem is… my library is well organized ( I’m quite anal about this… ) so it should be easy to find the bug.

you can download it at:

I’m very proud of this…I’m quite good at graphics…but when actionscript comes into play…it seems I’m doomed to fail!

If anyone wants to help…I’ll be the happiest dude alive !

Thank you in advance

you’ll have to cut and paste the link…the space in the file made a bug in the forum !! sigh

i’m not too good at this either but i can try :-\
so for a start…i’m not sure what you want to do…do you just want to link buttons to an swf or something?

I know what I’m trying to do… it’s rather simple in fact… the buttons will use either loadMovie or loadMovieNum to load an external SWF in my main timeline.

but for some reason it won’t work…the button just stands there…doing nothing when I click it… so frustrating !! I think the structure of my FLS might be a lil too complex… lots of nested MC within MCs and so on and so forth… I’ve had bad experiences with flash in the past with this…sometimes corruption occurs and you have to start all over !!

hoping it’s not that !! :frowning:

so you mean like in this tutorial…?

Yes that’s it !! but I know how to do that already !! I’m not a novice…I’d like to think so anyway… It’s just not working with what I’m doing right now and I don’t know why !!


Im sure I can fix it for you, but I cannot download your fla?? pleas post a link to your fla file on your server, not your site.


I can’t post the FLA inhere !! it’s too big so I zipped it and uploaded it to my personal site.

but you should not have any problem downloading it

try it again…


I’ve tried it and it works !!

ok I’ll look at it now… wrong link before:

… give me a few and I’l let you know.


ok… looking at your very organized library - I do not see ANY MC called stash… nor do I see any code for any of your buttons… plase review and repost something with your “stash” MC in it and with the code you used but did not work.


Awww thank you for you help buddy but this is just too wierd and I don’t want to waste anybody’s time by sifting through my sloppy code to find a bug…

I’m just going to scrap the sliding menu concept for now and go with a more traditonal navigation.

This project is becoming a monster… it is bringing my athlon 1700+ to its knees so I have to review the entire thing

Thanks for your help

thats fine with me… but the “slidding” menu you are using does not make the coding any different or more difficult… it is only an MC that moves back and forth (not trying to diss you here)… as far as coding, it doesnt matter. I just didnt see ANY code at all anywhere in the zip you gave - the only AS I saw was “stop;”…

Anyway I wish you luck, and if you have any questions post and I’ll see if I can help you out.