OMG! retarded

I already posted about this somewhere else :-/. I have the most retarded flash problem. On the original load my swf is fine, but if i refresh it looks retarded. sometimes it will be jacked up the first time, then fix itself. The problem MC is the navbar in the bottom of the gallery pop-ups… :-\

:-o OMG (sometimes in Mozilla-based browsers it will work fine)

FLA ->


u wanna name ur threads a little better? like “problem with mc on refresh”?

and with regard to ur actual problem i dont understand what you mean - it seems to work fine for me… (altho i do hav mozilla…)

pls elaborate?


This problem only seems to happen in IE. Whenever I refresh the galleries, the navbar disappears, it only shows up the first time you go there!

I think a solution might be to do the URL params so that it re-downloads each time, but I don’t know how to use those.

In regards to the crappy thread name: It was late, and i was pissed.
:smiley: thanks for checking it out anyways