On my PC ok - Uploaded wrong


I’m having the same problem as Dynastyjp, but the thread was too old so I made one of my own.

His thread is:

The problem is that I have my site finished and running ok on my pc, and on other PCs. But online works kind of strange. It loads the main swf, and when I click on a button it refreshes the hole page (it starts all over). The wierd thing is that after some times of clicking like a stupid, it did work, but only that button. No matter how many times I click on other buttons, the hole site reloads.
I tested it on more than one server. An other wierd thing is that I asked for the server technical service to try it, and it worked ok for them!

This is my webpage: http://www.freewebs.com/bowcat/022.html
Or an other server : http://www.guidogarfunkel.com.ar/aceituna/022.html

Thanks, and sorry about this long thread :slight_smile: