on(press){gotoAndPlay(Scene);}... from button within a mC?

[font=Trebuchet MS]Hiya…[/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]Is it possible to get a button inside a cM to link to a new scene?[/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]I have a mC containint three buttons. Each of these buttons I want to open up a different scene. So I have the following script: [/font][font=Arial][color=black]

[font=Arial][color=black]gotoAndPlay (scene2);[/color][/font]
[font=Trebuchet MS][font=Arial][color=black]}

[/color][/font] [/font]

[font=Trebuchet MS]But it doesnt seem to be working. Am I doing something wrong ? (wouldn’t be surprised)[/font]

Please if you could help me that would be great.