On Press Level 0 Go To Next Scene


I’m trying to tell flash when i press this button tell level 0 go to and play next scene…

is this possible… what’s the correct way to do something like this

thanks in advance…

ummm classic case of trying too hard :slight_smile: just put
_root.nextScene(); //anywhere in the movie
_level0.nextScene(); //if the script is on the main timeline

paradox244, thanks for answering… very thankful for your help.

i tired both lines of code… and this combination

I have 3 levels

level 1 - base that first loads level 3
level 2 - presentation broken into 13 scenes
leve 3 - navigation bar - tells presentation to load in level 2

I want the user to beable to go back and forward in the presentation… so i added back and forward buttons … i just dont’ know what actions to assign to the buttons.

can anyone help???

I dont think there is a way to provide any real help at this point without being able to see the fla, sorry the previous post didnt help, but if you post the file I will be more than happy to take a look and see if I can get it to work for you. If it is too large to upload or you jst don’t want the file stolen you can email it to me


That will not ever work because “_level2_root” doesnt exist. “_level2.nextScene();” ought to work, but scenes are notoriously buggy.