On release - move object to another frame dynamically

I’ve got 4 movie clips on a frame, each are draggable by the end-user and there are 3 other similar frames on this layer. Once 1 of the chosen clips is released I would like it to populate a different frame (at the release position) OR have the other 3 go hidden.

Any help would be great!!

I’m not sure what you are trying to do here, are you saying for example i drag the 2nd movieclip and release it you want to jump to another frame in your timeline with the same 2nd movie clip in the same place?

As far as making the others dissappear you could eather set the alpha of those to 0 or the better way would be to include a blank frame in your MCs and tell the other 3 MCs to each gotoAndStop at that blank frame.

here’s a better explanation - 1 layer has an image on it. the MC is a slide that comes out. The user needs to be able to choose from 1 of 4 objects, once dragged, the object selected needs to stay. The user needs to be able to do this 4 seperate times with 4 different sets of imgs. Each selected needs to stay in the always visible layer. At the end having 1 selected img from each of the 4 sets staying - and still dragable.

hmm… I guess you could either have a 2nd movie containing each object on a different frame and pass it the coordinates on release, or you could create each object as a seperate movie clip with its own tween so when it is dropped you can tell all the others to play their close animation while it stays where it is.