Once image loaded and resized can't change alpha

I am loading two images dynamically
I then RESIZE them according to the Stage.width
I make a crossfading effect between them.
Doesn’t work.
I get rid of the resizing,
I need the resizing.
I must be missing something, but is there an issue with changing the alpha of resized loaded images?

u r changing the alpha of the MovieClip that u loaded images, aren’t u?

Post your code/fla?


yes I am esxs

I don’t know what u do.

If U use actionscript, I wanna c ur script. ^^
I ever use …

onClipEvent ( load ) {
_root.mc._alpha = 50;
_root.mc._width = 450; ( If I don’t forget it… if I forget, It’ll be “_root.mc._yscale = 450;”) - -’’

If U use alpha in mc property, U try to chk ur program again ^^

t( o _ o t) " Let’s try again !!"

( sry if it wrong in grammar, b’coz I’m thai people ^^ )