onClick unload&load new swf with Alpha

He guys, ( ACTION SCRIPT 3.0 )

I’m building a website, which needs a nice flow of changing the pages…
First i had everything done in one swf, by using a lot of movieclips and ‘if & else’ statements, to change the text and images etc.

Now I’m also creating pages with different video material etc, and the actionscript and filesize is just getting too big for one swf. So I want to use different swf’s to load the pages.

The first page, Index.html(index.swf) will contain, the layout of the website, with a onload movieclip(About.swf) which will be the homepage that contains, a videomenu, some text and a videoplayer.

But now when I would click to another page, i want to keep the same smoothness which i had with using movieclips unload and load with alpha.

How do I manage, to Unload a SWF(about swf, not the index.swf) onClick alpha 100 > 0 in 0.2 sec or something and Load onClick new SWF with alpha from 0 > 100 in 0.2?

Thankyou in advance.