onClipEvent Problem - nothing being initialized

My first post here so hello everyone.

I have a movie that uses the onClipEvent(load) and onClipEvent(enterFrame) on two button objects in the first frame of the movie. The events trigger the creation of a dynamic menu.

I am using the the loadClip function to load the menu into another movie and am having problems with the clip events in my menu movie not working.

My menu movie buttom symbol has these behaviours attached:

onClipEvent (load){
_root.starter = 2;
acceleration = 1.8;
inertia = 1;
_root.button = 0;
//gotoAndStop("_root.clip.oggetto[0]", 5);

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
verticalDrop = _y;
moveIt = ((_root.traguardo[button]-verticalDrop)/acceleration)/inertia;
_y += moveIt;

these root functions are all resting in the actions layer on the first frame of this movie.

I am loading them into my main movie through the onClipEvent handler: (some extraneous code removed)

this.createEmptyMovieClip(thisClipName, 2);
mcl.loadClip(“menuComp1.swf”, thisClipName);

My menu movie loads correctly, but all I see is the background color and size - none of the dynamic menu functions are initialized.

I have see tutorials that talk about using the myListner.onLoadComplete = function(thisClipName) to do things like add onKeyPress functionality… Can anyone point me in the right direction for my problem?

Ah yes, forgot to mention that all of the loaded movie’s behaviors function correctly if I load it without attaching it to a movie clip - i.e. loadMovie(“menuComp1.swf”,2) works fine.

Any help appreciated.