One click-scroll buttons

OK I made this simple scrolling button which when you press, commands the movie to go to the next frame. But you’ll have to press again to go to the next frame and so on. what I would like to do is for the button to scroll further on to the preceding frames after just one press. How can i possibly achieve this? thanks in advance!\r\rJohn

I’m not sureI understand what you mean. Can I see your animation to see what’s wrong about it ?\r\rpom 0]

here’s the address:\r\\r\ror [url=“”]\r\ron the profile, click on statement of faith, where there are scroll buttons. It has a scroll-to-next-frame PER PRESS function (means one press, on scroll). What I want is to do is to make it have a smooth one-press-scroll-to-the-nextframe-so-forth-and-so-on function. How can I make this possible?\r\rJohn

Post the code you’re using. Although I believe increasing the frame rate is half the answer.\r\rpom 0]

ilyaslamasse, that thing with titanic, did u come up with that yourself or did u learn it from a tutorial somewhere. Cause thats looks awsome!\rIs it a mask? cause uve got me thinkin now

Did it myself, no tute. That has to do with the Fake drag mask tutorial. Check it, it’s a wonderful tutorial ! OK, I’m advertising, but that’s what it’s based on.\rYes, I do pretty much all my effects myself. I’ve come to a point where I can do a lot of things with incredibly complicated techniques, and then explain my dumb-ass techniques in tutorials I do. Pretty coll, hue ?\r\rpom 0]