One Preload script for multiple swf (in html) from many entry points

Hi guys,

I need to make a preload script that needs to preload all the pages of a websites only once. I have 10 html pages with swf in it that I need to load in only 1 time. At first I had 10 preload script just before every pages but now I need only 1 to preload them all. My second issue is that I have many entry point, someone can enter from the index (1 link to the homepage), the sitemap (links to the 10 pages) or even could simply have the address of a specific page in their bookmarks. So is there a way to write a script that will check if the preload(for the 10 pages) have been done every time someone enter one of the 10 page and if it hasn’t it start the preload.

Thanks for your help !