One works, one doesn't. Confused

I have battled with php and Flash forms for the last two weeks and have had 50% success. In the Flash site there are two forms, one with 4 fields and the other with three times that. The form with four fields works wonderfully, but the larger one appears to be missing the php totally. There is no feedback from the php and therefore no return ‘errText’ on a nextFrame action with correct dynamic boxes.

Both scripts are set up the same (both sets of php and AS) for each for. The only difference is the amount of fields. I am utterly confused.

I have attached the raw .fla file (MX) and the php in the zip archive. Any help would be a real boon as I don’t know enough to see any mistakes.

Thanks in advance.

Alright, Ill take a look later. I got lots of work. The first one does seem weird. I really havent gone over it.