Onion Skinning Help!

Hi guys,

Pls view my attached file. I’d like to use onion skin to make the blur effect but jz can’t see the result tht I wanted. I just can’t even see the blur effect at all. I only can see the blur effect at the last keyframe. Why?

My questions:

  1. Everytime I export movie to swf file I can only see the object motion without onion skinning at all although I’d added it before I export.

  2. How to function from a small speaker(object) turn to big n blur speaker?

I tried all the onion skin tutorials but still can’t find where is my mistake. Pls help. Thank you!!


i want to know how to do this too

did you make certain to click the edit multiple frames button along with the onion skin button? it can be tricky…there is a good reference to onion
skinning in the Flash help section.

Nevermind about the help section reference I re-read your post and see that you were trying the tutorial. I opened your fla and I don’t see any blur effect…just the alpha fade?

Hi Jilly,

Appreciate your help. It has been long time I didn’t visit this forum as I can’t get help from here sometimes.

I didn’t make anything ‘to click the edit multiple frames button along with the onion skin button’ as I don’t know how to do it. Some experts told me tht the onion skin icon in the Flash is just let us see the process of the motion. We can view the process of motion on the stage only. I got the point, but what I wanted to do is from a small & clear object --> object getting bigger & blur. It’s an effects, nothing related to onion skin I think.

If nobody know then just forget abt it. I will search for tutorial for the image effects…

well ling this is the “button” I was talking about if that makes it any more clear

(see attachment)

Hi Jilly,

I know these buttons but don’t know how to use them. I tried before, got effects when I play on the stage but none when I export the file to swf.

Well I am still not sure if this is really what you are wanting to use -
Onion Skinning is what allows you to see multiple frames at one…in order to check your aninmations, etc. You use the onion skinning button in conjunction with the edit multiples frames button if you are trying to move all the frames of one animation at the same time.

You may be wanting to do more with the motion tween. Could you maybe try and re-explain what exactly you are trying to do?