Online Flash Portfolio from InDesign

I’ve had great success making dynamic galleries using AS3 and XML. But, I have a new challenge.

I have a physical artist’s portfolio that prints from a high-resolution InDesign document. Each page is the same size and is set up with descriptions and everything in InDesign. So, rather than re-doing all this work in Flash to make an online portfolio, I would like to base a Flash portfolio directly off of the InDesign file so all I have to do is update the InDesign file, print physicals, and re-export whatever I need to for the Flash portfolio.

Adobe InDesign CS4 lets me export to Flash XFL format, which creates a Flash file in which every page becomes a web-ready frame. I can resave as a FLA file, import it into the library of an existing FLA file, ect.

I don’t know how to turn those frames into an array that I can load into the gallery script. I think all I need is some coding advice on how to log the frames of a separate FLA or imported movieclip into an array but they also need to be named so I can attach functions to them.

If anyone knows how to do this or has a different way of going from InDesign to Flash I’ll be grateful and be sure to give you plenty praise and recognition.