Online order form

Could anyone recommend where I might be able to get a script for an online ordering form?
I’ve looked around a few search engines and had not a lot of luck.
Any ideas appreciated… :slight_smile:
Many thanks

like an online shopping cart? i’m pretty sure its done with javascript, and I found one a few years ago, but i can’t remember where :slight_smile: sorry.

yeah, that’s what I need an online shopping cart…
Hey also I need you to mail me your addy again jubba.

try that…i only looked quick but it might be what you need…you want my e-mail? or my school addy?

school! and thanks for the link Jeff :slight_smile:

no problem simon…address is sent.

cheers jubba… and I mailed ya back, lemme know what you think?

My “download-cart” was originally s’posed to be a shopping cart, can be found in “Flash Site Workshop” . (@#%$’ expensive!)
I can send you the fla if you want…

If you could eyez… also how expensive?

Joe is it ok for you to send the fla to me [email protected] I hope you don’t mind… thanks Joe and also how much are we talking??
Thanks again