Online Orders Printed in Restaurant

Hey guys,

I’m building a website for a client who is operates a food restaurant. They want to step it up and offer online ordering on their website. An example of the end goal is or other sites similar.

Here are details:

  • Customers place orders through website
  • Orders placed can be paid for with cash or credit card.
  • Credit card orders are processed through site.
  • Orders placed are ultimately printed out in-store for restaurant to make.

To handle orders being printed out in-store I can utilize a program to print emails. This would just require online orders placed are sent to a store email address. Ideally it would be more simpler and just print without being emailed.

I’d like to use PHP/MySQL, but am open to other ideas. I haven’t had to build something like this and would appreciate any guidance in setting this up.

Thanks so much!