onMouseMove if _xmouse/_ymouse play MC help

So here is the scenario:
There is a touch screen which only detects onMouseMove and on(press) but nothing else, like on(rollOver) etc. I have a grid of MC’s that are placed in the following coordinates and triggered as follows:

if(_xmouse>=250 && _xmouse<=310 && _ymouse>=170 && _ymouse<=230)

if(_xmouse&gt;=190 && _xmouse&lt;=250 && _ymouse&gt;=170 && _ymouse&lt;=230)


the problem is that I only want the MC to play once upon entering the x y coordinates and again after the mouse re-enters etc, but if the mouse moves into the specified x y coordinates it plays from frame 2, but as soon as the mouse moves again or continues to move it continues to return to frame 2 because that’s what I’m telling it to do. Was thinking of adding a counter that would allow the MC to play all the way through, but I was hoping someone might have a suggestion to grid out the x and y coordinates and have it function as I wish.

Any ideas, is this clear, do I sound crazy???

PS I don’t think hitTests will work because it doesn’t know when it is over something it only knows where in the movie the mouse is.