onRollOver not being called from within a clip

[left]Looked around the forums didn’t find anything that said this was/wasn’t possible. Maybe you all can help.


Put your mouse on the > Test in the maroon box. A little animation…it works.

Put your mouse over the About L7 tab. It comes up…has the exact mc inside of it…put your mouse over it, it doesn’t work.

Why isn’t it getting the onMouseOver event? I thought it might be trackAsMenu but that just allows for the mouse click to be read.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the relevant code:
Code internal to the test button (I made all the paths relative so I could put this anywhere…or so I thought):

// On frame1 of the button mc
this.onRollOver = function() {
	this.label.colorTo(0x000000, .5, "easeOutSine");
	this.flourish.slideTo(Math.floor(this.label._width), this.flourish._y, 1, "easeOutQuad", .25);
	this.label.slideTo(0, this.label._y, 1, "easeOutQuad", .25);
	this.flourish.colorTo(0x000000, .5, "easeOutSine", .25);

Tab AS code (shouldn’t matter, but here it is):

// On the main timeline, frame 1
tab1.open = false;

tab1.onRollOver = function() {
	if (!this.open) {
		this.border.bg.colorTo(0x750000, 1, "easeOutSine");
		this.border.slideTo(this.border._x, -80, 1, "easeOutQuad", .5);
		this.title.slideTo(this.title._x, 25, .5, "linear", .5);
		this.sublinks.slideTo(this.sublinks._x, -81, 1, "easeOutQuad", .5)
		this.open = true;

tab2.onRollOver = function() {
		_root.tab1.border.bg.colorTo(0xFFFFFF, .75, "easeOutSine");
		_root.tab1.border.slideTo(_root.tab1.border._x, 0, .5, "easeInQuad");
		_root.tab1.title.slideTo(_root.tab1.title._x, 15, .5, "linear");
		_root.tab1.sublinks.slideTo(_root.tab1.sublinks._x, 42, .5, "easeInQuad")
		_root.tab1.open = false;