onRollover Question

Hey There, i´ve got a “OnRollOver” Script here at Kirupa, it works great but is not as “Smooth” as i want…

I have a animation of 15 frames, when i RollOver the MC, the animation plays and when i RollOut, the animation rewinds.

I´m trying to make the animation play from frame 1 to frame 8 if you just “Mouse Over” the Movie Clip (before start to rewind), and not to rewind the movie right after “Mouse Out”, is that possible ??

Thanks for any help.

this.onEnterFrame = function(){
    if(rewind == true){  

this.onRollOver = function(){
    rewind = false;

this.onRollOut = function(){
    rewind = true;   

this.onRelease = function(){