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OOP - components –

well i have been doing the tutorials from MM on components.

I am kinda familiar with the idea of components seeing that I come from Director - where behaviours ruled the roost…

So after checking out how to build components - i am a little lost. Some code I have seen looks like a jazzed up extension prototype- some is hardcore OOP.

Does anyone have any examples -tutorials - insight - want to guide me through making one ( something simple like a preloader or whatever) ?? I say guide only because I really do want to learn it rather than have it done for me…:slight_smile:

The reference tutorial is this one but you can read all of them, it’s interesting. Actually, the whole site is interesting…

Also, I have another great tutorial, but in French, unfortunately… Tell me if you want it anyway.

pom :asian:

I have done that tutorial - its on MM –

would love the french one- i should know enough french to manage :wink:

*Originally posted by mediachickie *
**would love the french one- i should know enough french to manage :wink: **
Tu parles français???

OK, it’s there.

pom :asian:

oui - je parle le francais un petit peu…
pardon my grammer

heh ily-

the tutorial is pretty dead on… easy to understand and all of that. Of course, my french is a little on the sucky side… but the AS is all english. I understood more french than I thought I would have… thanks!

Have you built components - ? Gone the oop route?

I have a couple of ideas on what I want to build component wise -but am having a hard time moving from the smartclip mindshift to OOP- I get the OOP bit - but its the putting it into practice bit…

any ideas on where to start … how to start?

I get the whole inheritance bit. It the getters and setters and methods I think that Kinda screw me up… :(…
Is the point of having getters and setters to encapsulate the code - and not have the props accessed directly but rather through methods?

any insight at all would be appreciated. I read the kickass Robin D’s tutorial - but still…got a bit of a thick head I am afraid …

I haven’t really tried to build a component seriously yet :frowning: But I guess I’ll have to do it sooner or later… I’m a bit scared, to be honnest. :slight_smile:
And about the OO approch, yeah, I think you have to practice and get used to it. But Robin D’s tutorial is for Flash 5. If you want something more Flash MX oriented, I think you’ll find it at quantumwave.

Good luck!

pom :asian:

yeah I hear ya- its fro flash 5 but a lot of the prinicples don’t change I suppose.

Maybe you and I should challenge each other to make a component… that way we both do one and learn… but it would have to be something super easy- cos I am just not there yet…

thanks for the dave yang suggestion…

Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:
What kind of component should we do?

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

something TRES easy…

something I can wrap my head around.
something that we can extend later.

anyone have any ideas?

How about a component that you drag and drop on an object to make it draggable? Easy enough I think.

pom :asian:

alrighty - now i just have to wrap my head around coding it in an OOP way - rather than the usual. Good idea!

Héhé, I finished mine… Did you?

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re way ahead of me - i started and then got stuck. Will post something tomorrow!!:slight_smile: