Open Source Server-side Software

Hi all, I have a question…I’m ok at the client side stuff (Flash, HTML, CSS etc), but I want to get into the server-side stuff as well. I would like to set up a server and start hosting stuff.

Ive had a fair bit of exposure to Coldfusion, but right now I cant afford to buy it. I have heard that Apache is an Open Source Server program, And I was wondering what software I could use in tandom with Apache to set up a dynamic kind of server that can serve up to variables and content to flash pulled from databases or something similar, ala Coldfusion style.

And also what kind of computer should I have (minimum specs for a server) and what type of net connection.

As you experts can probably tell I know crap all about setting up a server.

What I need is an A - Z really…any one know any good tutorials also?

And if my sights are to high, someone shoot me down before I get carried away :ko: .