Opening a new window

Hey all. I seem to come up with weird questions and I hope I challenge those out there who appretiate the problems I find. Here is the latest scenario.

in the gallery section of
you will see a list of dates.
click only on the first one in the list and then some pictures will appear.
click only on the first picture and a new window will pop up with the picture again IN SWF FORM (please note this comment for later reference).

my directory is set up in a folder with subfolders of various components. in the first folder is my “index.htm” page with the “main.swf” also sharing that space.
A subfolder called “pictures” is in this folder and within that is another subfolder called “20030104”
see this windows explorer like diagram
--------+Desktop Folder
------------------------------------------------ Lond01.jpeg

on the picture that you click to make the new window appear the code is as follows

onClipEvent (mouseDown) {
address = “pictures/20030104/main.swf”;
target_winName = “kirupa”;
width = 550;
height = 350;
toolbar = 0;
location = 0;
directories = 0;
status = 0;
menubar = 0;
scrollbars = 0;
resizable = 0;
//sends data back to the function
openWinCentre(address, target_winName, width, height, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable);


You can see under address the file system I have set up.

This is where it gets difficult.
The pictures that load in SWF FORM (see above) I need to be a jpeg. I cannot get the new window to load “lond01.jpeg” instead of “main.swf”. I’ve tried changing the
address = “pictures/20030104/main.swf”;
address = “pictures/20030104/lond01.swf”;
but the jpeg does not load. This probably has a simple solution.

The next and biggest and most difficult to understand problem!!!

Ok please view the address again and see how the loaded pictures work. You’ll notice that they scroll across like a slide show. I want to make each picture a button like the first picture is so that it opens a link to download the pictures jpeg source.
For example… the pictures from January 4th 2003 are all saved as jpegs in “20030401 subfolder” as is the swf the pictures are displayed in.

Thats cool I can do that once i figure out how to load the jpeg instead of a swf.

Is there a way to change the code from being subfolder pathing dependant.
ie: instead of
address = “pictures/20030104/main.swf”;
which is dependant on the 20030104 folder. I would rather have a code I would not have to change when I make a new folder and set of pictures.
something like
address = “main.swf”;
would be be what I’m looking for but by doing that it looks in the main folder where my index is located.

Have I completely lost anyone and everyone?