Opening links in presized windows?

maybe i will just put a js link to close in the html for now:)

Hold on, I am going to figure this out RIGHT NOW. I am opening up Flash as we speak.

I included a .zip file. It works like a charm.

Code use =

on (release) {
	getURL("javascript:close();", "_self");

THis is what I have now.

thank you

The file attached works great now!

it is closing out the main page, my page. What i was hoping for is that the files could be viewed and can just close the window when done then choose another file to view, but this closes the whole browser session. Thank you tho, we are gettin’ closer:)

I thought you were going to pop open your experiments in a pop-up window. That is why I sent my popups.txt file in the beginning of this thread.

It would be easier that way…load it up…close it out.

If you aren’t popping up windows, try using this on the button instead…

on (release) {
getURL(“java script:history(-1);”, “_self”);

This acts like the Browsers “Back” button and will take the viewer back 1 page.

“The page cannot be found” I tried _self and _blank.

You have to go to that page from another link first. If you just go to it, then it won’t work because it is taking you to a page that never existed.

So if you were to click on the link from your site and open up the .html page. Then click on that link. It will bring you back to your main page.

Try it:) It should work.

it’s late here and I am toast. I think i may be making dumb mistakes cause im tired. I so appreciate your time, thank you. Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll get it working. I learned a lot tonight, thats the important part:)

Glad I could help. Good luck tomorrow. You can always post questions here and I will get to them when I can:)

thanks again. I am soooo ready for sleep lol.

If you want html windows that open with javascript, then lostinbeta’s bethod is fine. If you want “flash” windows that pop up, that can be resized, dragged, minimised, scrolled, etc. and can load external content which can be formatted with HTML, then let me know and I’ll post the component here.

Admittedly some componets are not required because of the actionscript alternatives, but I think this one saves a lot of time…

Hey flex, I would be interested in checking out that component. I was working on maye doing something like that for my flash site, but if there is a component to save me time I might use it.

I am not sure if I will follow through with using it, but I definitely want to check it out:)

Hello there,

I’ve posted it in a new thread in the MX forum.