Link in flash to a HTML-file

Hi Flashers!\r\rWhen I click my button I want a window with the size 400x300 to open. That .html file lies in the same directory as my flash. Anybody knows how to link to that html file from flash?\r\rThanks\r//m3rcc

Hey I could be wrong! but maybe you have to add in your buttons actions “get url” and put the address for the html file you want to pop up:) \rI hope I’m right?\r\rSimon

That works if you want the “standard” way of opening a window, yes :P\r\rBut I want the javascript kind where you dont have a statusbar and you can choose the exact size of the windows and so on

You need to insert the javascript function into the html of the file your swf is embedded in, check out the “chromeless window” tutorial on, looks great!!