Opening (?) mame roms

is that possible?? i mean, can i take images, sounds etc. from a mame rom?? how??


These ARE from your one games right?

You could always fire it up and start taking screenshots and recording audio.

lol… i could do that, but i was thinking about some kind of decompiler or extractor…

sorry i searched gogle and sourcefore and nothing came up

Is Mame a console? If so, video tape it? DVD?

Mame is an emulator for old arcade games… i searched google too and got nothing :(. i’ve seen a game (“crazy shuttle” @ that has characters from arcade games (even the background i think) so i thought it was possible to take images and other easily… anyway, thank you all

I run mame32 with every game ever made (bought 2 dvd’s off ebay with all games on) mame32 allows you to export shots and sound comes with pict of the arcade machines and original poster etc for each game.

prob no help but thought id let you know.