Opening Microsoft Outlook from a Flash EXE file from CD

I have created a CDROM using Flash MX and have used the standard mailto command to launch my email browser. It works from my computer, but when I copy it to CD and play on another machine, it does not launch my outlook. Is there some different code to use.

Regards Jason.

what code are you using?

My code is:

on (release) {
getURL(“mailto:[email protected]”);

Just a side note, I think the ‘mailto:’ command opens the default email application on that computer, so if outlook is not the default I don’t think it will open…



I have tested this code on windows 98 and it works perfectly.
It does not work on windows XP some reason.
Do you know off some code that will make it work.

in flash 5, you can use fscommands to open a program of your choice, say Notepad for example. try locating instructions on how to do that, I don’t remember the exact methods, but I’ve tested it and it worked.

won’t work for MX, because it causes a security risk, but if 5 is OK, than there’s a possibility.

there’s propably an other way. If it’s local (and it is) you can use javascript, the script should be:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript"> 

<!-- Enable Stealth Mode 

   // Variable Definitions 

   var nameSpace = null; 

   var mailFolder = null; 

   var mailItem = null; 

   var tempDoc = null; 

   var outlookApp = null; 

   function OpenOutlookDoc(whatform) 




      outlookApp = new ActiveXObject("Outlook.Application"); 

      nameSpace = outlookApp.getNameSpace("MAPI"); 

      mailFolder = nameSpace.getDefaultFolder(6); 

      mailItem = mailFolder.Items.add(whatform); 





      // act on any error that you get 



      // Disable Stealth Mode --> 


This opens MS outlook, try to find a tutorial that explains how to use javascript inside flash. I didn’t test it in Flash so give it a try…

Launching your preferred email client is a horrible task no matter what you do.
I just posted another alternative, but this requires the use of a server, to act as the “variable catcher/sender”.

Uisng a simple fla form-php script will solve all your problems.

follow this if you need more info!