Opening new window for jpg

I would like to know how can I load from a Flash Site pictures (jpg) on a new window. On the flash site I have each picture as a button and when I call them I would like to open them in a new window but as jpg or gif. How can I do that.
Thanks in advance for anyone who helps.

You mean like having a Javascript Pop-Up Window?


Ok, I included a .txt file on making pop-up windows that I used a couple times on this site. It is the most generic way to make pop-ups, but if you feel your up to it I might be able to whip up a more advanced Javascript Pop-Up tutorial .txt file.

Thanks for the file. It helped a lot.

No problem. I am glad I could help:)

I’m facing this problem as well, but I use a getURL action. I typed:“URL”,“new”,“width=200 height=200”);into a URL field, and I select “_blank” in a window field. It works but the flash content itself (flash embed into HTML) turn into a blank window.

you don’t need _blank or anything, you can just have that code and no window location and it should work.

If not, I have this other pop up method I wrote (and use for all my pop up needs) that you can use, and includes the getURL code you can use.

Also I tried to use a dynamic loaded .txt file with some basic HTML and javascripts, but the <script> tag seems ignored by the flash

Wow, what happened up there?

use [ PHP ] [/PHP ] (no spaces) to show HTML code.