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Scott - Finally got the sound working, it was just a problem with the way I had defined a button in the end - now I can rock the party that rocks the party, offline.

I’m not sure how I go about uploading stuff through dreamweaver so that the site can access these other swf’s - could you give me a few pointers.

What I imagine is a related question is regarding the footers used in signatures - I’m sure that this is the most basic web question I could ask, but how do I load something up onto the web so that I can access it online. Obviously it doesn’t need to be part of a site or anything - I just want it in cyberspace so that I can make reference to it.

Well That certainly was a catchy title LOL!!

Well, it lured us both to this thread, didn’t it? :x

Hm… only Kit and Trinity had the gumption to reply to this thread at all… I wonder what that says.

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Hey the way you upload the swf’s is the same way you would upload jpeg pictures!
As long as you have the swf’s in the same folder that you upload, it shouldnt be a problem!
Ive done it before, and i had no problem!
Just test it in dreamweaver, hit F12 it should preview it for you!
If it works there for you, it should work once its uploaded!


Hm… only Kit and Trinity had the gumption to reply to this thread at all… I wonder what that says.

:slight_smile: It says… well… nevermind :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Right - the same as jpeg pictures.

How do I do that?

At the moment when I want to update my site I just ‘Put’ the swf file I have been playing with up there. I would really like to know how to add other stuff. Without screwing up the stuf I have there already.

You don’t even have to do uploads through dreamweaver if you don’t want to. To access your sever space just open a browser window and type:
You should get a access pannel where you have to type in your user name and password for accessing the server.

Once your password is confermind you should see your server with all of the files curently contained on it. Then just open up your folder that has your swf’s and just drag and drop or copy and paste your swf’s into the same place so they can find each other.

I have found this to be the quickest way to uplaod but there are others. You could keep on trying to access the right spot through dreamweaver or you could download a FTP program like Cuteftp or bulletproof and use those to upload.

Personal I like my way best because it is just like moving one file to another in windows. Also you get to upload just what you want to uplaod. You don’t have to upload a whole folder that might over write somethin important. Plus it requires no additonal software (just IE). I don’t know the exact way to do it through dream weaver because I don’t use it for uploads (only for building HTML). Hope this helped:)

PS xTrinity Luvx great smile doggy style gif. Where di you get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

PS xTrinity Luvx great smile doggy style gif. Where di you get it?

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