Orbiting movieclip

I’m trying to do an animation, where a movieclip will orbit around the mouse if the mouse is within 50 pixels of the movieclip. Basically, the mouse will get near an object, and the object will orbit the mouse, even if the mouse moves. The idea is that here will be a number of these objects on the stage, and as the mouse ‘collects’ these objects, each one will orbit around the last one ‘collected’. I’m fairly new to actionscript and programming in general, so I appreciate the help. Here’s what i have so far-

    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import flash.events.*;
     public class soundObject extends MovieClip
        public var centerPoint:Number;
        public var centerPointY:Number;
        public var mousePosX;
        public var mousePosY;
        public var angle:Number=0;
        public var mainDistance:Number=140;

        public function soundObject()
            this.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, catchMouse);

        public function catchMouse(event:Event):void
            //if ((mousePosX - centerPoint) < 25 && (mousePosY - centerPoint) < 25)
                   centerPoint = this.x; 
                   event.target.x = orbitX();
                   event.target.y = orbitY();
        public function orbitX():Number
            mousePosX = mouseX;

            var xDistance=Math.sin(angle * Math.PI/180)*mainDistance;
            var xDisCalculated=mousePosX-xDistance;
             return xDisCalculated;
       public function orbitY():Number
            angle += 5;
            mousePosY = mouseY;
            var yDistance=Math.cos(angle * Math.PI/180)*mainDistance;
            var yDisCalculated=mousePosY-yDistance;
            return yDisCalculated;


It kind of orbits, but it’s not working very well. Also, my conditional statement doesn’t work. I’m just looking for some insight into how to do this better. Thanks!