Order Form php help

Hello my name is Adam, I have a slight problem with my fla file, I have the visual layout of my order form, complete with 8 UI component combo boxes, and about 12 or so UI text feilds, what i need to happen is when somebody clicks on the flavors and the quantity of products, it then adds up the cost and shows it at the bottom, they then click submit, and the order form gets sent to my email address… if you don’t understand what i mean, i’ll gladly send the flash .fla so that maybe someone could code it for me… i would be very greatful.

with the math its basically people can order in quantities of 6 if you order only 6 its $12 if you order 12 or more its 20 for each 12, and the 6 becomes 12 still so if you order 18 its $32 but 24 its $40

(ehehe confusing???)

i’ll send the .fla if anyone would like to help me

Thanks for your time,


([email protected] - email (incase))