ORDER not working in query

I just changed servers and im now using a server with MySQL version: 5.0.45 and some of my queries aren’t working so well.

For example my one query where I ORDERED by a “created field” isnt working.
It gets the results but it isnt ordering it as descending, the results are all jumbled up.

Maybe someone can tell me why or help me fix it so that it works?
Thanks so much. I would really appreciate it.

This is the one that’s not working.

SELECT users.username, users.points, bank.bank_money,
if(bank.bank_money IS NULL,0,bank.bank_money) + users.points AS 'total' FROM users 
LEFT OUTER JOIN bank ON bank.username = users.username 
GROUP BY username 
ORDER BY 'total' DESC LIMIT 0,10