OSX style menu...Need Help Fast!?!?!

Alright I have this menu adapted from a download. It is almost perfect but I need to figure out why the menu items are flipping upsidedown. I got them to stop by taking out the (-) before the 250 in the script on the btn. If someone could please help me figure this out… heres the file


Here’s a script I’ve written 100% myself that might be helpful to you. You’d need to make a few modifications, but it’s a better OSX menu script than the one you were working with (if I do say so myself…).

this is definitive from above…for some reason its telling me I dont have permisions to post. so I made this one… but I dont trust it. can you reply to my email. your script is great, but I need some help!

thanks jamie

[email protected]

ah :(, mx04

Newhopekenny, this is great. I saved it down to MX…

oh thanks!