Other setMask problems

hi ppl,

i’ve done some actionscripting and i came up with this:

col = 16;
row = 8;
total = 128
for(i=0; i<total; i++){
 xpos = (i%col)*50;
 ypos = Math.floor(i/col)*50;
 _root.attachMovie("box", "mc"+i, i);
this.onEnterFrame = function(){
  delete this.onEnterFrame;

just make a cube 50*50px and export it for actionscript… when you test the movie you will see a part of the screen filling with that same box… i want to use these boxes as a mask for a picture… but i can’t make it work…
this (_root.boe.setMask(_root[“mc”+i]):wink: just doesn’t fix it…

who can help me out?