Out of focus scroller

Hi guys,
I am relatively new to flash, I have a few things down pat, and would really love to know how to do something.


I am reffering to the way the pictures scroll in and out of focus…

And help will be appreciatted.



i think it would be easier if you see an example than if i try to explain it … =)

<font size=1><b>edit.</b> sorry … i had to remove the file :(</font>

I have the file, thanks a heap for that.

So I am assuming it’s code that it put in? I’ll have a closer look at it and play around to see how it works…

Thanks again, muchly appreciatted.


ok … before you do anything make a copy of the file. i will remove it from the server now and i already deleted it from my hd

and if you have problems just ask :wink:

wheres the file?!?!?!

can you place it back on so i can have a look!?!?

if anyone can help look at the link and give me a shout!!



the file was too big to be attached to the forum … i uploaded it to my server but i had to remove it :-\

i’ll try to make a new one with a smaller size :wink:

in the meantime … maybe bretts could send you the file … ? :slight_smile:


where did you get the file…or did you make it up yourself…
I’ve done a search to see if there is anything I can find to help me on my way…but I can’t find anything…any chance you can point me in the right direction?



yep … i made it :slight_smile:

it’s not so hard actually …

blur the image in photoshop or whatever program you use.
import the images into flash. place each image into a movie clip
so you’d have two movie clips. one contains the image blurred and the other movie clips the normal image
then create a mask for each movie clip and that’s it

ok … give 10 minutes and i’ll make it again :wink:

i should have not used such images in the first file :stuck_out_tongue:

now it’s just 10kb zipped :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to duplicate this since you put the file up, I am still unsuccessful… All I see is black masks on top of the images, no scrolling.

I’ve renamed everything, everything matches up, I’ve done everything I can think of to get this thing to work.

Attached is my .fla file.

after a quick look there are some instance names missing in your file. i fixed that and it’s still not working :frowning:

i’ll fix it as soon as i finish my work :wink:

by the way … your images won’t match when the scroll returns its position. it’ll look choppy and there’s nothing i can do about it :sleep:

… =)

Ahh! I’ve done it…

Now i have to work out how to stop it skipping at the end… Any pointers?

Thanks soo much everyone

bretts :tie:

Hi all,
I have the skipping problem solved, but now I am having the problem of when I save it as a Flash Play 5 file, it shows up all black, it will work when I save it as a Flash 6 file, but then people who have flash 5 cannot view it.


that’s because MovieClip.setMask() is only supported in flash 6 :-\

you’d need to use a masked layer :slight_smile:

I am not yet that advanced :frowning: Infact quite the oppostie. Can I have it in layman’s terms?


place each mask and scrolling movie clips in its own layer. right click over the layer that contains a mask and select mask. now just drag and drop the layers containing a scrolling movie clip under its respective mask :slight_smile: