Output is still pissed, can anybody solve this?

Hey out there;

I posted this earlier and got a great suggestion, but the problem still holds…

earlier: "My problem: my root timeline consists of say 10 frames. Each frame contains a movieclip.

A have a script action “STOP” on each of the 10 frames.

When I publish, Output tells me this on 2 of the frames on the root timeline-

“scene1, layer1, frame 5. statement must appear within on/ onclipevent handle stop();” (I have the exact same script on each frame)

Skinnyot suggested… "when you’re looking at the stop(); action in frame 5 or 8, what does the grey title bar of the actions pane say? it should say “Actions - Frame”. If it says “Actions - Movie Clip”, there’s your problem - you’ve typed the action onto the movie clip and not onto the frame.

great suggestion but every action = frame.
So i throw it out to you all, can anybody nail the problem - why is output pissed on frames 5 and 8?

perhaps you should go back through every one of your frames and make sure none of the clips have a stop() command on them. that aside, if you have the stop commands on the frames, there shouldn’t be a problem.