I’m working on a project for chemistry, an interactive periodic table (I’m
using flash because its easy, and well… the only program I kinda know.) The
problem is with overlapping “buttons”. On “mouse over” the button (button A)
is enlarged 150%, it covers the button next to it (button B). Both buttons
have the same characteristics. They both do the same thing, but when the mouse
is over button B, it does not overlap button A when at 150%, instead button B
is partly covered by button A.
Well, this probably doesn’t make any sense so, here is the movie…
Maybe you could take a look at it and you might know what is wrong.
My movie can be found at server3004.freeyellow.com…eriod.html

I believe the problem may lie in the layering of the buttons. If you reverse the order of the layers, the exact opposite will occur. What you may want to do, is place all the buttons on one layer itself. That might work out. If that doesn’t help much, there is a complicated method of accomplishing that.

I have a tutorial regarding “Set Property” command on my site. The URL is:


You may be able to adjust the scaling of the files, so that on mouse over, the element will be enlarged.

I hope that works. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reply back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi