Overriding action

-Suppose this scenario in a timeline. I have an animation that plays A then B then C and then D and so forth. If I want to loop the animation between A and B, it is very easy, suppose I want the user to click on the animation so whatever point in the loop the animation is, it finishes at B and then it continues playing through C>D>etc…

-The problem is, to loop between A and B, I use the code “gotoandPlay(“A”)” once the animation reaches B. But I want the user to see a flawless playback (basically pickup from whichever point in the loop once they click on button and simply play without any jerky jumping in frames).

In simple English, I want something like A>B (go to A unless someone clicks a button then pick up from whichever point in the loop between A and B and override/ignore the actionscript at B ‘gotoandPlay(A)’ and play the remaning frames without any sudden jumping)

Is there anyway to override/ignore the “gotoandPlay(“A”)” actionscript once the user clicks a button and it plays the entire animation. I do want the loop to be there, just when someone clicks on it, it plays (overrides the loop actionscript ‘gotoandplay(“A”)’ )

-I been trying to figure this out for awhile now, anyhelp would be appreciated:hoser: